Saturday, March 28, 2009

We have been really lucky with some really nice warm weekends in the winter. Now that its spring, we have been busy. Mike and the boys planted about 100 evergreen trees since there weren't any out of 17 acres of trees. They have also been busy clearing some trees--one got caught on another tree it we used it as a jungle gym for a while.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Ice storm 09'

Blue skies are always nice to see,
its been a long cold winter, finally
warmer weather .thankfully no trees
fell on our cabin.

The yard cleaned up, branches,
limbs, and everything else burnt

Taking a break and looked up, just couldnt pass up a pretty cool picture enjoy

Burning all the debris that fell during the storm ..... two full days of burning

Some of the stacked and piled wood

Friday, January 30, 2009

Taking it easy for the winter

The boys playing at the pond on our 75 degree day in december

Snow starting to fall.... looking towards a deer feeder
Frank and Amber on one of there first weekends here together

Siding and the start of our porch

Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter of 2007/2008

Mike, Frank, and Rich have really made this cabin feel like home. I can not believe how much they have done with so little time to work. They added a front porch, windows, and a woodburning stove right in time for winter.
We spent some great long weekends at the cabin over the winter and thanks to them no one froze. I never would have thought that we would be able to be there during the winter, but it has proven to be some of our favorite times.

Goodbye to the Outhouse!

I think the fall of 2007 included my favorite addition....yes that is the outhouse burning! Since Frank is a plumber, of course the plumbing was added right away. The Septic System did not come until November (we had to remove some large trees), and from what I am told, it was the worst phase of the process so far, but well worth it!

Next Phase...Summer 2007

Once they got through build week, it was amazing how fast things started to happen. By the end of that week we went from sleeping in the camper to sleeping inside! The next steps included interior walls, shingles, and a front door!

I should not forget to mention all the great friends and family we had come to visit...yes Mike turned 30 and of course we had to have a party! Jackson Lake is only a couple miles away so we spent some time fishing with the kids too. Here are some pics of our progress throughout the summer of 2007.